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The Cast

Carolina is a multilingual actress who recently graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. After her second year in university specializing in biochemistry, she serendipitously found herself at an audition and fell head over heels in love with acting. Leaving her science career behind, she came to New York and completed the two year program at the Neighborhood Playhouse. To see Carolina imitate a man’s voice, catch her on the CBC/Qubo cartoon as Alfred, a young precocious hedgehog detective in THE MYSTERIES OF ALFRED HEDGEHOG.  She also just completed her first feature film in New York, Plato’s Reality Machine. She has lots of experience on stage and film, and when not reading and going to plays, she is watching any Charlie Chaplin film for the 65th time.

Antoni was born in Montreal and brought up in the U.S and Canada. While completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and working in modeling, he began to plan his exit from Montreal and pursue acting in New York. He was born with a love for storytelling and grew up with a need to share this through his work. He resides and works in New York City.

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