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These people made this film possible. THANK YOU!

Daniela Asaro

Harmen, Esmee, Nathalie & Laura Bussemaker

Miriam Carroll

Giulia Caruso

Michael Collins

Flora Cyrus & Isabel H.

David DePrest

Jessica DePrest

Isabelle Dervaux

Sara Grossman

Maggie Gummere

Timothy Kiefer

Nick Liotta

Kathryn Mong

Natasha Nussberg

Joedan Okun

Lance and Donna Optican

Adam Optican

Will Orellana

Lynn Passy

Lauren Pires

Tony and Sharon Pires

Jessica Rosevear

Salonistas, NYC

Ben Selkow

Jessica Spinelli

Gail Stavitsky

Aimi Takao

Sophie Taylor

Billy Thompson

Abby Travis

Beverly Travis

Bill Travis

Larry Travis

Laura Travis-DePrest

Steven Travis

James Weissinger

Robert J Whitney

Martha Williams

Theresa Zicolello

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